Circle of Life

My near-death experience taught me the preciousness of life. Watching my body deteriorate, I tinkered on the brink of life and death for some time. The reality of my diseased body made me appreciate the precious moments I had with those I love the most. My body was frail and fragile, and I witnessed life in slow motion, as an observer seeking to relish every morsel of time that remained. I never knew if this would be the last moment I would see those who were precious to my heart. Tears streamed down my face as I embraced my loved ones, gazing into their eyes, my sincere whisper pierced their souls as I said, “Always know how much I love you”. The sheer beauty of life was found in the simplest things. I became the observer and the observed through my presence. My only desire was to take life in; to memorize the sounds of my children’s laughter, to cherish the touch of my friend’s nurturing hand, to bask in the sound of a bird’s fluttering wings, and to experience the cleansing power found through warm breezes on my face. Soaking up the beaming sun upon my flesh, my daily breath became my prayer of gratitude. Silently dying, I witnessed the sentient beings of nature thriving around me. Veiled behind the illusion of time, life is a symphony of frequencies. The circle of life is the most miraculous and endearing form of love. To be reborn through the multi-verse, as an eternal being, we discover the magic that occurs as we seize every moment, deeply loving to the fullest.