Creatrix of Life

The Sacred Divine Feminine is the rising force that shifts the consciousness of our world. Women have been suppressed and made weak long enough. Our bodies have been used and discarded; treated like sex is a sport. We are taught by relationship experts how to play dating games to fit into a man's world. The media bombards us with sexual images, society's disrespect of women is prevalent, yet so normalized that we rarely notice the pink elephant in the room. The image of the feminine has been distorted. Sadly, the outer world is molding our reality. We must now choose to release the illusions projected to us by the dreamers of the Maya. Suppressed for far too long, the feminine has been kept hidden and small in a man’s world. She has been objectified to the point that we accept lust as the norm. She has lived in servitude to the masculine culture and society. Yet, the feminine is the holy grail that contains the mystery within. We have two choices available at all times. The path of growth and evolution, and the path of identity and greed. The river divides itself through vibration. Turn around and float with the flow for liberation, as our hearts lead us on the path of joy. In the center of the Yin/Yang sphere of consciousness, the part contains the whole and the whole contains the part. The key is to balance and harmonize our masculine and feminine energy. Now we rise in the state of wholeness. We flow like the ocean, one drop in a unified field, shaping with our united force the rocks and structures placed before us. We honor the truth that we are designed to merge and unify as one flesh through our sexual exchanges. We love deeply and will not hide this truth. Our super-power is our access to the ancient wisdom of our intuitive flow. It is an energy of fluidity and movement, trusting our inner wealth of knowing, speaking as the wind-talkers to each other through our frequency, and living as warriors of the heart. The woman is the Creatrix of life, she holds a strength that comes from her love, wisdom, and compassion for Humanity. We are all Re-Membering the sacred feminine energy now. She is Rising in her purpose to heal and lead the world. The feminine and masculine balance is happening within All genders. This is our sacred work on earth.