Feminine Rising

Throughout history, the feminine gender has been irrelevant. Our religious books, literature, museums, and society as a whole, refers to the masculine as the hero; and the only gender that has power to rule society. Following the witch trials, woman have faded in society. Up til now it has been generally accepted that the masculine has had ownership of the woman. Now, because woman are taxable entities, woman have been encouraged to become a contribution of society. In today's culture, we are being bombarded with a genderless androgyny. Once again, in schools, hospitals, and society as a whole, we are told a "parent" gives birth, not the feminine. The gender equality movement is another slap in the face to humanity. As the next generations are being groomed to change their gender to the one that feels more suitable to the soul. This is a choice that should only be made when one has reached the age of 25; the age where one has matured enough to make responsible choices irrelevant to social pressure. In reality, our true work is to heal the internal conflicts within, to accept and honor the body our Soul chose, and become the master of our design through harnessing our frequency. The feminine (yin energy) must rise within all genders to create a balance with the masculine (yang energy). This is an important process in our spiritual awareness. Yet, the androgyny program does not support this balance. Once again, society is seeking to eliminate the beauty of the feminine form and the significance of her body's sacred gifts to bear children. Through teaching our children that gender is a choice, we are teaching them to deny their Soul's choice to experience the gender chosen from the moment of conception. To confuse a child about their body's gifts and abilities at a tender age of development is perhaps one of the greatest tragedy we are allowing in society. This is a significant form of abuse. Male and female bodies are designed differently in every aspect, including the hormones, cycles, emotions, and actual physical attributes that allow one to function through optimal health and well-being. To act as if hormone replacement, injections, surgery, and other distortions of one's gender is normal is one of the greatest abominations society is inflicting upon us now. Let's say NO to this new propaganda. Our sexuality is being hijacked through the explicit media, pornography, and distortions so we may no longer have the awareness of the powers within our form. To bypass the powerful beauty that exists within the awakened form is the goal of this propaganda. Most people are not aware of the power of our sexual exchanges, the access to our life-force energy that is available within our kundilini flow, and the power one may know when we fully respect and honor our physical body; Soul chose for this earthly experience. As travelers through the multiverse, we have experienced all aspects of being different genders. In my view, there are three genders: male, female, and two-souls. Two-souls have been recognized within the indigenous cultures to have a balanced male/female energies. However, the majority of society are not two-souls. By not identifying with our specific gender, we are negating once again the power of the feminine. We are accepting that the feminine has no significant contribution to society. We are agreeing with the media's intentions to negate the feminine flow. However, to create balance within society, the feminine contribution must be recognized. Let's not accept this propaganda to de-masculate men and de-sensitize women of their sacred roles. As we bring our sacred honor into balance, healing begins for humanity. The rising of the feminine is inevitable. The mothers play a vital role in the attitudes and belief systems of the next generation. There is a difference between gender for a significant reason. Women are the portals between Source and earth. Woman's wombs are the sacred containers that seed, birth, and grow the thought-forms of the spark of the masculine. Our gender was created through divine order and it cannot be diminished through our belief system fed to us, with the intent to separate the family. Eventually, our babies will be made in factories, just as we have witnessed in our futuristic entertainment. We are being given full disclosure through the media of their future intentions of society. To depopulate the world is the elites intention. They groom a society to complete their agenda, and it is happening right in front of our eyes! We must claim our rights of our gender now before these privileges are taken from us.